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Sydney Global Mobility Joint PhD Travel Scholarship

Contact Details

This is the 9 digit number supplied to you by the University of Sydney upon application for admission.
Please ensure you provide a valid email address
Date of Birth*
Home Supervisor*
Host Supervisor*

Eligibility Checklist

I am enrolled in a Joint PhD program at the University of Sydney, where the University of Sydney is my home institution.*
I am enrolled at one of the University of Sydney’s active international partners as the host institution.(1)*
I have a fully executed individual Student Agreement as defined in the Dual and Joint Degree Policy 2019 (2).*

(1) This Joint PhD Travel Scholarship does not apply to the joint PhD program with the Group of Eight, it is only applicable to University of Sydney’s active international partners. For a list of University of Sydney’s active international partners, contact the Dual Degree and Joint PhD Coordinator at dual-degrees-joint-phds@sydney.edu.au.

(2) Please refer to the Dual and Joint Degree Policy 2019 located at the Policy Portal.

I have received a meets/exceeds outcome at my most recent completed annual progress evaluation. *
I have received confirmation for my offshore component of the Joint PhD Program*
I have not previously received this Scholarship*
I am not under examination*

Supporting Documents

You must submit 

  • evidence of airfare,
  • a letter from your home and host supervisor confirming the start date, proposed duration (minimum 3 months) and location of your offshore component,
  • a personal statment outling your advancement in candidature,
  • a list of research and publications,
  • academic referee reports.
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The University of Sydney accepts scanned copies of relevant supporting documentation for scholarship applications. All supporting documents must be true and complete records. You should be prepared to provide original documents or certified copies of supporting documents at any time. Detailed checking of supporting documents is an inherent element of our scholarship selection processes and may involve contacting the original issuing authority or relevant tertiary admissions centre, or other organisation (whether education or otherwise), or individual, whether in Australia or overseas to verify documents.

Failure to provide documents on request, or the discovery of either fraudulent documents or a misrepresentation of true circumstances in association with your application, may lead to the rejection of your application for admission/scholarship, the withdrawal of your offer, or the cancellation of your enrolment.


By submitting this application:

I declare that the information supplied by me in this application and supporting documentation are complete, true and correct.

I authorise the University of Sydney to obtain from other educational institutions I have attended, as listed in the application form, and other relevant authorities at any time details of my enrolment, academic record and examination results, including details of enrolment variations and attendance in connection with my application.

I also authorise the educational institutions listed in the application form to disclose to the University of Sydney details of my enrolment, academic record and examination results, including details of enrolment variations and attendance in connection with my application.

I provide consent for my application, including supporting documentation to be viewed by the selection committee for the purpose of the scholarship selection. I am aware that the selection committee may include the donor, funding body, and their representatives.

I agree to abide by the University's conditions of award as amended from time to time. I understand that prior scholarship(s) and /or candidature may have an effect on the tenure of the award.

I am aware that there are severe penalties for providing false or misleading information, including exclusion of my application and cancellation of scholarship support. I am also aware that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act.

I understand that an incomplete application and/or insufficient supporting documentation in accordance with the guidelines and information may lead to grounds for exclusion.


In accordance with the University of Sydney Privacy Policy, the information you provide for this application is collected and held by the University in order to assess candidates for the scholarships with the University, and for administrative and statistical purposes including publicising the names, areas of research and other relevant details of successful applications. Enquiries regarding access to and correction of the personal information should be directed in the first instance to the Scholarships Office.